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Diamond kogetori sponge

The magic diamond sponge cleans burnt pans!

■Sponge to remove burnt food

If pans are burnt, this diamond sponge makes them shiny again.
This magic sponge contains diamond dust. The texture is very hard but once the sponge gets wet, it becomes soft. Just scrub burnt pans with it. You can easily clean them without stress.

How to use
1. Soften the sponge by soaking it in mildly temperate or warm water and squeeze it gently.
2. Scrub burnt area with the sponge.

Recommended use:
Kettles, pans, trivets, pots or barbecue screens

¥ 1078 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133902642

Package size
H 16.5 cm × W 10.5 cm × D 4 cm

Product size
3.9 cm × 9.7 cm × 3.8 cm

Material PVA resin、Abrasive sand、Synthetic diamond
Country of origin China
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