株式会社コジット代表取締役 久保慎一郎


We continue to change and evolve over time to offer products filled with "dreams" and "fun."

Since Cogit was founded in 1970, we have been led by our business objective that, "We do not only offer products, but provide dreams and fun through our products." We have changed with the times and have encountered exciting and new things as a result.

The year 2020 marks the half century anniversary of the foundation of Cogit.
We have constantly changed over time leveraging our strengths such as wide-ranging sales channels and more than 1000 items produced.

Now we are evolving into a "New Cogit."
However, there is something that never changes.

Our corporate mission has always been to develop and provide a large variety of products that amuse customers and we want them to say "Cogit creates something fun." This is our founder’s spirit and is something that will never change at Cogit.

We are always trying to come up with new products that will attract the attention and imagination of our customers.

Shinichiro Kubo
President and CEO
Cogit Corporation