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Vegehoku chan long・short 4pcs. each

Time-saving cooking bag for healthy meals!

■ Steam cooking bags for vegetables

- So quick and easy: Just steam vegetables in the microwave using vegehoku chan.
- Healthy: Delicious freshly steamed vegetables that retain their nutrients.
- Resealable.
- Each bag has a hole where steam can escape.
- Useful guidelines for cooking times printed on each bag.
- Long size for conical items such as cones, sweet potatoes and asparagus etc.
- Short size for cut broccoli, small potatoes and edamame beans etc.

¥ 638 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133277955

Package size

Product size
Long:W32cm×H13cm, Short:W22cm×H15cm

Material Polypropylene
Package 4×Long size, 4×Short size
Country of origin Japan
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