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What is your personal color? You can pick the most suitable colored new COOLOOP ice neck ring for you!

■ Ice neck cooler

COOLOOP ice neck rings come in four new colors.
Colors: Lavender/Honey Beige/Ash/Coral
The RUDDY series is designed to harmonize with a person’s skin complexion based on personal color analysis. You can find one that harmonizes with your skin complexion.

- Phase change materials (PCMs) are used. They are substances that absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing.
- This frozen neck ring can keep cool at about 27 degrees for about 2 hours.
- This reusable neck cooler starts melting at more than 28 degrees and starts freezing anywhere below 28 degrees.

Cooling time (about):
10 min. in a freezer
30 min. in water
3 hours anywhere below 28 degrees.

- Light and compact design.
- No condensation.
- No battery needed.

What is your personal color?
Recommended for yellow skin tones: Honey Beige, Coral
Recommended for blue skin tones: Lavender, Ash

COOLOOP ice neck ring will be a perfect companion on hot days!!
Experience this innovative cooling system!

¥ 3278 (Tax included)
JAN code Lavender: 4969133913068
Honey Beige: 4969133913075
Ash: 4969133913082
Coral: 4969133913099

Package size
H17.5 cm×W13 cm×D2.2 cm

Product size
14×15.5× D2.5cm 
Inner circumference: 32 cm

Material TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), PCM (Octadecane)
Country of origin Korea
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