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Fashion goods / BEAUTY

Ear cover accessory triple pearls / circular rings

Reduce your ear pain with our unique ear protectors!

■Ear protectors with accessories

If you experience pain in your ears while wearing a mask for a long time, our ear protectors will relieve your stress.
They have a slot to hold your mask strings. So they reduce the pressure from prolonged use of a mask.
Our unique ear protectors have a small hole for detachable accessories. You can easily insert your favorite ones.
There are two types of accessories, triple pearls and circular rings available.
Makes wearing a mask more practical!

- Uses soft silicone rubber
- Washable (Accessories should be detached.)

¥ 968 (Tax included)
JAN code Triple pearls: 4969133287367
Circular rings: 4969133287374

Package size

Product size
Triple pearls: 10.5cm long
Circular rings: 10cm long

Material Ear protector:Silicone rubber Triple pearl parts:Brass、Plastic、Iron  Ring parts:Brass、Glass、Iron
Package Ear protectors × 2, Accessories × 2
Country of origin China
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