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CICA method MASK

Experience perfect fit of our luxurious cica mask!

■Cica facial mask

We have made a new item that is part of our cica method series debut!
When you want to replenish your skin & make it more look supple & firm, you can use our cica mask for special skin care.
Our cica mask has 28 ml of essence per packet. The soft facial mask, which is made from cotton, contains plenty of the essence which moisturizes your skin fits around your face. It effectively helps your skin absorb & retain moisture.

- Good for sensitive skin
- The scent of essential herbs
- Does not contain: parabens, ethanol, ultraviolet absorber, synthetic surfactants, mineral oil, phenoxyethanol, animal raw material, benzoic acid, talc, synthetic fragrances

1. Take a mask from the packet.
2. Apply the mask & brush out the air bubbles to make it fit to your face.
3. Keep the mask on your skin for 10 ~ 15 minutes.
4. Remove the mask & let the remaining essence gently absorb into your skin. The leftover essence in the packet can also be used for your neck & body.

We recommend using the mask with our cica mist & cica cream. They can help improve your skin condition.
Recommended approach: Mist → Mask → Cream

CICA cream is well known as a rejuvenating cream. It is one of the most widely spread skin care products in Korean beauty.
Centella Asiatica is referred to as "cica". Cica works to improve rough skin. We have formulated cica with plant extracts that have been known for centuries in Japan. Our own "CICA method" series has debuted & is designed to be compatible with Japanese people.

■Official page>>> “CICA method” ■

¥ 418 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133286575

Package size
H 17.5 cm × W 11 cm × D 0.2 cm

Product size

Country of origin Japan
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