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Onigiri PON! PON!

It's easy to make cute rice balls!

■ Rice ball mold

This rice ball mold is designed to make 4 pieces of 5 cm diameter rice balls in one go.
You can make original rice balls just following the steps below.
The attached original recipe will help you make cute rice balls easily.
It makes rice ball making more enjoyable!

- Recipe presented by @onigiri365 on Instagram

How to use
1. Put rice inside the beige mold and press the rice down with the smaller brown mold to make holes for fillings.
You do not need to make holes if not adding fillings.
2. Add fillings into in the holes.
3. Put rice into the larger brown mold and cover the beige mold with it.
4. Take the rice balls from the beige mold.
Tip: if rice sticks to the molds, apply a little water or oil on them before use.

¥ 1078 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133925054

Package size
H 24 cm × W 18.5 cm × D 5 cm

Product size
23.5 cm × 27 cm × 4.5 cm

Material ABS resin
Package Rice ball mold, Recipe
Country of origin China
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