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Body care / BEAUTY

Pachi tto sokai! Maskrina for kids strawberry / grape

Get refreshed with minty patch!

■Minty patch for mask

Have you experienced discomfort wearing a mask?
This minty mask patch helps you reduce stress while wearing a mask.
All you do is just attach a patch on your mask and crush the capsule containing a spearmint extract. It will splash and refresh you. The scent lasts for about five hours.

Strawberry and grape scents are best for kids. Colored patches will ensure kids use the mask right side in.
Help make your kids more comfortable with masks!

¥ 660 (Tax included)
JAN code Strawberry: 4969133282768
Grape: 4969133282775

Package size
H 17 cm × W 9 cm × D 1.5 cm

Product size
1.6 in diamiter ×0.5cm

Material Wool, rayon
Package 10 patches (1 sheet)
Country of origin Japan
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