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Face care / BEAUTY

Tofu soap

Pure tofu soap made from selected ingredients

Craftsmen put their heart and soul into this genuine soap.

- Precious soy milk
Our tofu soap is formulated with fermented soymilk. Craftsmen carefully select Seiichiro soy milk which is madefrom 100% of Fukuyutaka soy beans made in Saga prefecture. The amount of production of Fukuyutaka is small so it makes it a rare bean. Seiichiro soy milk can shorten manufacturing time by 1/60th that makes it possible to prevent oxidation and keep soy milk fresh.

- Craftsmanship
Currently only a few dozen craftsmen in Japan are able to make soap using Oketani kiln baking method. The ingredients of soap are kept for one night in a kiln. Then, Seiichiro soy milk and nigari(magnesium chloride)are added. We gently craft this pure soap step by step.

- Fragrance free
- Color free
- Mineral oil free without synthetic surfactants

¥ 880 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133280504

Package size
H9.5cm ×W7.7cm ×D3.5cm

Product size
Standard weight: 120g

Country of origin Japan
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