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  • パワーバイオ ゴミ箱の臭いに
  • パワーバイオ ゴミ箱の臭いに


Power BIO gomibako no nioini

Stick BIO to remove garbage odor.

■ Odor prevention for garbage can

- Power BIO product series are mold prevention products that use microscopic organisms to prevent the growth of mold or mildew and stop musty odors.
- Stick on the inside of the garbage lid.
- One BIO for up to 45L garbage can.
- Two BIOs recommended for more than 45L garbage can.
- Replacement time: approximately every 3 months.

¥ 528 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133271953

Package size

Product size
Case: H4.8cm×W6.8cm×D1.7cm

Material Diatomite, microscopic organisms (bacillus), Case: Polypropylene
Package Power BIO, label for replacement time
Country of origin Japan
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