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Silk inner mask pad

Our unique inner mask pad helps prevent lipstick stains on your mask!

■ Inner mask pad

If you experience discomfort while wearing a mask, our silk inner mask pad will help you solve the problem.
The inner mask pad is made of silk that is better than synthetic fibers for people with sensitive skin. It is designed to be placed inside your mask. When inserting the inner mask pad, you can create a space inside your mask, so that it can improve breathability and avoid lipstick stains on your mask.

- How to use -
1. Place the inner mask pad inside your mask. You can use both upper and lower sides of the mask pad.
2. Insert your mask strings in slits on the mask pad.
3. Adjust your mask strings to small holes at both sides of the slit.
4. A mask is not included in the package.

¥ 968 (Tax included)

Package size

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Material Silk 100%
Country of origin Japan
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