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Emergency / HOUSEWARE

Joki no chikara de! HOT HOT PACK

Easy cooking without using fire or electricity!

■Food heating pack

This easy and convenient food heating pack can be used for outdoor activities or emergency situations. It warms up with the power of steam without using fire or electricity! Simply add a bag of exothermic agent, food, and water in a heating pack. After about 20 minutes, your meal is hot and ready to eat.

● Food that can be warmed
- Commercially available cooked products
Vacuum-packed foods, canned food, packaged foods, and cooked foods that can be heated with a double boiler
* Microwave oven products cannot be heated.

● Food that can be warmed in a heat-resistant bag (heat-resistant temperature of 120 degrees or higher)
With a heat-resistant bag, you can heat cooked foods such as onigiri, yakitori, hamburger steak and sausages etc.
Put these cooked foods in a heat-resistant bag, remove the air inside as much as possible, and warm it after tightly sealing it. Make sure that the foods do not come into direct contact with water or steam during heating.

¥ 1408 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133289859

Package size

Product size
Heating pack: 28.5cm×28.5cm×D14 cm  
Heating agent(per pack): 60 g

Material Heating pack: Nylon, Polyethylene, Exothermic, Agent: Aluminum, Calcium oxide, Calcium hydroxide, Sodium sulfate
Package Heating pack 1、Heating agents 3
Country of origin Japan
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