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Face care / BEAUTY

Keana kanri pore reset buster

You no longer need to worry about blackheads! You can keep your pores clear!

■ Pore cleaner and pore serum

If you have blackheads, you can try our product to get rid of them.
The pore cleaner and the pore serum come in one package. There are two steps you go through to clean your pores.

How to use
STEP 1 Pore cleaner
Apply the cleaner to your blackheads.
Wait about 10 min. for dirt to lift away and gently wipe the skin with cotton pads to remove.
If a cotton pad is soaked into the cleaner, you can use it as a nose pack.

STEP 2 Pore serum
After using the cleaner, gently apply the pore serum to the pores you cleaned.

Houttuynia cordata extract and retinyl palmitate help unclog pores!
You can treat your blackheads by yourself and keep your pores clean for good.

¥ 1650 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133295058

Package size
H17 cm × W8 cm × D2.4 cm

Product size
Pore cleaner: 15mL
Pore serum: 10g

Package Pore cleaner, Pore serum
Country of origin Japan
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