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COOLOOP ice neck ring Size M

Feels like -8℃! Freezes below 28℃!* It stays cool for a long time outside in summer.

■Ice neck cooler Size M

There are five colors available, Light Gray, Clear, Lavender, Honey Beige, Blue.
We have launched new cooling items with innovative materials.

1. Next generation materials, PCMs are used! They freeze below 28℃ and stay cool at about 27℃ for about 2 hours at 36℃.*
(Tested by Unitika Garment Technology Co., LTD.)
2. It does not condense moisture from the air, so there is no worry about getting you wet. It comfortably stays cool.
3. It is repeatedly usable for any occasion on hot days such as relaxing at home, outdoor activities, commuting or sports.

About PCMs
- Phase change materials (PCMs)are used. They are substances that absorb and release thermal energy during the process of melting and freezing.
- This reusable neck cooler starts melting at more than 28 degrees and starts freezing anywhere below 28 degrees.*
*PCM (Octadecane) solidifies and cools at a constant temperature of 28℃.

Cooling time (about)
 10 min. in a freezer
 30 min. in water
 3 hours anywhere below 28 degrees.

Size M(2.5 cm thick)has 5 colors: Light Gray, Clear, Lavender, Honey Beige, Blue
Size L(2.8 cm thick)has 3 colors: Light Gray, Clear, Blue

¥ 3278 (Tax included)
JAN code Light gray: 4969133331053
Clear: 4969133331060
Lavender: 4969133331077
Honey Beige: 4969133331084
Blue: 4969133331091

Package size
H17.5 cm × W13 cm × D2.2 cm

Product size
14×15.5×D2.5 cm 
Inner circumference: 32 cm
Fits: 28~36 cm

Material TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane), PCM(Octadecane)
Country of origin Korea
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