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Sukima yogore gossori mizosyokunin

You can remove dirt from narrow door tracks effortlessly.

■Dirt scraper for door tracks

Door tracks are one of the difficult parts of your house to clean. Even if you clean them carefully, dirt collects over time and the door tracks become sticky.

Our scraper is designed to fit several kinds of tracks such as window tracks and sliding doors. You can remove dirt and reach areas you cannot reach.
The scraper is made from nylon resin containing glass fiber so that it doesn’t easily scratch door tracks.

- The scraper has 4 types of edges, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm and 14mm wide.
- Safe for most surfaces

¥ 528 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133908392

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Material Nylon resin with glass fiber
Country of origin China
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