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Koge tori nendo (for IH cooking heater and glass cooktops)

This clay easily cleans burnt glass cooktops without damaging them!

■Clay to remove burnt food

Our special clay contains abrasives and baking soda. It is soft so that it gently absorbs and removes burnt food on glass cooktops without damaging them.
The clay is eco-friendly because you do not have to use detergent to clean cookware.

How to use
1. Tear the clay into a size that is easy to use.
2. Soak the clay in water.
3. Scrape off burnt areas with the clay. Make sure you always use a clean surface of the clay rolling the dirt surface inward.

Recommended use:
IH cooking heaters, glass cooktops, microwave ovens

¥ 748 (Tax included)
JAN code 4969133200847

Package size

Product size
About 70g

Material Hydrocarbon-based polymers, polymer plasticizers, abrasives, baking soda
Package Clay, storage bag
Country of origin Japan
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