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Sales departments & Vendors

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Five sales departments established to sell our wide variety of products.

Mail-order department

Mainly Internet, the catalog and TV are medium. The major mail-order companies such as SENSHUKAI CO.,LTD, NISSEN CO.,LTD and Cecile co.,LTD pick up our products. Therefore customers who are difficult to visit stores are freely able to purchase.

Cosmetic &Drug department

Cosmetic department supply basic skin care, cosmetic item, foot and body care. Drug department supply sports goods and internal reform goods.
We mainly deal with THE〜INC. and major drugstores.

GMS department

This department supply household goods such as kitchen products and cleaning goods. We have various business partners: Major GMS, major variety shop, small supermarket and retail stores. So they distribute “COGIT” products over suburbs as well as urban area.

COOP department

In Japan, “COOP” means “Japanese Consumers’ cooperative Union”. COOP is a member of the ICA and is one of the very famous associations that have network all over Japan. We have the same fundamental principle, “pursuit of customers’ happiness”. Through the catalogs, we offer our products to associate partners.

Event Department

Our line of business covers a lot of ground because we manage sales at events held by major GMS. Though making an appeal at events, “COGIT” products are accepted as familiar goods to customers.

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