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We offer a large variety of products.
The following items are just one example among many.
We want to collaborate with more people to make all kinds of products.
If you are interested in establishing a business relationship with us, please feel free to contact us.


Interior goods

Nobinobi Bettogard

It prevents the futon from falling or misaligning by inserting it under the bottom mattress.

Room chair

Stable and comfortable chair with wide seating face, backrest and armrest.

Cork mat

The best goods for the isolation of sound! The cushion effects absorb sound and deaden the noise downstairs.

Round mat

It has a nice and soft cotton velour finish and has a high water absorption rate.

Sitting Mat

For everyone who cares about broad hips or distortion of a body on a routine basis, we offer the cushion that makes your buttock good-looking.

personal computer desk

The table on casters enables you to use computers wherever you are.

Rotating bookshelf

It collects up every comics and videotapes.


Special carry that makes remove of kerosene fan heater easier.

Cleaning goods

Microfiber slippers

The floor part of slipper has chenille fabric made of microfiber.


A cleaning brush for bathroom. The part of brush is easily removable and washable.

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