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Message from the CEO

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Thanking for visiting our website.

Our mission is to provide "Dream" and "Pleasant" to our customers.
We, COGIT have kept making advance with the times to carry out the mission.

Since we started up in 1970, with the slogan of "We don't supply goods but provide Dreams and Pleasant to our customers".
we have sought for new and unique things at anytime.
That's why we have survived in this severe times.

We have kept changing ourselves and now we have over thousand items and lots of sales channels, which is our advantage.

We think changing is important, but we don't change our slogan.
Keeping producing and providing goods which make our customers happy is the Cogit's founder's aim and also our everlasting challenge.

We are trying hard everyday to be said by everyone "Cogit always produces amusing and unique items. You can't miss Cogit!"

the president-director.Hirokazu Kubo

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